By avoiding the busy fall season you can schedule chimney cleaning at your convenience … and maybe save some cash.

I have been in and around the chimney service business since I was 14 years old. Fall has always been the busy season, and the fall rush is a crazy time of year for my family.

It’s easy to understand why: Come fall, people begin to think about using their fireplace and want their chimney to be in good shape.

But having your chimney cleaned in the spring instead actually can benefit you. Here are five reasons why it’s smart to opt for a spring sweep:

1. Schedule at your convenience

During the fall months as the temperature begins to drop, chimney sweeps begin to feel the heat as their schedule fills up. If you wait until September to call your chimney sweep, you will likely have to wait over a month for an appointment. By doing your chimney cleaning in the spring, we are better able to work within your schedule and at your convenience.

2. Eliminate odors in your house

Everyone loves a clean house in the spring and summer. Cleaning your chimney early in the year can eliminate odors caused by creosote and ash in your chimney, keeping your home smelling fresh.

3. Prolong your chimney’s life

Creosote is acidic. When this acid mixes with moisture — think of those rainy spring and summer days — it can cause deterioration of the chimney’s interior. You can significantly prolong the life of your chimney by removing this creosote after the burning season.

4. Leave yourself plenty of time to get needed repairs

During your annual chimney sweep and inspection we make sure all parts of your chimney are in good working condition. If your chimney is in need of repair, a spring appointment gives you plenty of time and flexibility to address those needs.

And keep in mind: Masonry repairs can only be done in above-freezing air temperatures. (As you know, that frigid weather approaches quickly in the fall months.)

5. Save money

Chimney service companies frequently offer discounts for chimney cleaning and repairs in the spring. This spreads out their workload more evenly throughout the year. Take advantage of these discounted rates and save some cash

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