It is our belief that a wood stove is not just a heat source but also a focal point for gathering and fostering connections. Whether you are relaxing with a compelling book, socializing with loved ones, or bonding with a furry friend, the stove serves as a central hub for meaningful moments. Let Chimney Savers help to create a warm and welcoming ambiance in your home, centered around the hearth.

Below are the amazing wood stove brands we carry.

Wood Stove Installation
Wood Stove Installation
Wood Stove Installation
Wood Stove Installation


Currently there is a federal tax credit of 30% for qualifying wood burning appliances (purchase and installation included), capped at $2,000 annually


Modern wood stoves and insert are EPA 2020 Certified so you burn less wood, produce fewer emissions, and get longer burns while keeping your home warm all year long.

Highly Efficient

Using more of the wood’s available energy means less loading, less chopping, less effort, and most importantly less money spent on wood! Save money with highly efficient modern appliances.

$400 Rebate

Vermont residents are eligible for a $400 rebate through Efficiency Vermont towards the purchase of a new, high-efficiency wood stove or Insert!

Ready to upgrade to wood?

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