To our Valued Customers,

The health and safety of our employees, their families, clients we serve, and our community is Chimney Savers’ primary concern, which is why we have decided to make some very important procedural changes in light of the growing COVID-19 threat.

Here’s what you can expect from us:

Upon arrival, our technicians will knock on your door and wait outside (6 feet from door) for you to greet us. We will not shake your hand or have any other physical contact with you throughout the duration of the visit.

After greeting you, our technician will put on his respirator, which he will continue to wear the entire time he is in your home.

Any floor tarps used at your home will be freshly cleaned or disposable.

We will wipe down any area that we touched with a disinfectant after the service has been performed.

For more information what our new procedures and precautions will look like, click here.

All employees have been counseled on the new regulations.

All employees have been advised to remove themselves from service at any time if they feel ill and to let us know if they have had contact with someone who is ill so we can evaluate their continued service.

Here’s what we ask of you:

As noted above, no handshakes please!

Please give our technician(s) a minimum of 6 feet space inside the home and, if possible, stay in another room or part of the house during the visit. This includes kids and animals!

If you or a member of your family becomes ill prior to your appointment, please call or email us as soon as possible, and we will reschedule your appointment.

If you or a member of your family becomes ill after we have been to your home, please call or email us so we can properly notify any employees who may be affected and evaluate their continued service.

We truly appreciate your business and hope these measures will help you feel comfortable with our visits to your home. If you do not feel comfortable having us in your home during these unprecedented times, please feel free to call or email us, and we will put your appointment on hold. 


 From the Chimney Savers Family

If you have any questions or concerns about our procedures during this time, please feel free to call or email us.

(802) 728-3900

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