Located in the historic section of downtown Woodstock, VT, this 200-plus-year-old home was in need of some updating. Our client wanted to convert his back-to-back fireplaces, which used vent-free gas logs, into one see-through, wood burning fireplace. Neither fireplace had a chimney liner, and during the last renovation both fireplaces had been sealed off at the top and bottom. Chimney Savers’ expert technicians demolished the back wall of the fireplaces to connect them into one see-through fireplace. They then installed two custom stainless-steel chimney liners—with the help of a crane—to safely vent the new fireplace.  Now a single fire can be enjoyed in both the dining room and living room!

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Woodstock, VT


Private, Residential

We live in a central chimney Georgian farmhouse built in 1773. Our massive chimney both holds up the house and vents five fireplaces, a boiler, and a bread oven. We had one huge flue and no liner. Jeff and his crew successfully installed and insulated seven metal flues over the course of four weeks. This was a large job that basically involved Jeff's crew being in every room of the house at some point, but they did a great job cleaning up every night (and didn't complain when my kids' toys were blocking their access to the fireplaces). Jeff was also excellent about keeping us up to date on what he was doing and how long the work would take. They finished up five days ago and we're thrilled to be able to have fires in our fireplaces for the first time!