Historic chimney restoration has become a favorite for our expert technicians. Not only does each project present a unique set of challenges, but we enjoy the end result of bringing new life to these 100-plus-year-old chimneys.

For this project in Norwich, Vermont our technicians had to enter the chimney from the top (yes, it was that large) and remove the chimney tiles while inside the chimney.

We then installed 7 stainless steel chimney liners in this chimney. One to each of the five fireplaces, one to the boiler, and one to the Dutch oven.

Topped off with a beautiful copper cap, this chimney is now ready for another 100 years.

For more information on historic restoration, please check out our blog post “Tips & Tricks for Historic Chimney Restoration.”


Norwich, VT


Private, Residential

Service Provided

Historic Chimney Restoration, Fireplace Repair, Fireplace Restoration, Stainless Steel Chimney Liner Installation, Copper Rain Caps, Copper Chimney Caps

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