Medium non-catalytic

wood stove

Regency Classic F2450

This Regency Classic medium wood stove provides the perfect amount of heat for most spaces. Load wood in this stove front to back or side to side for the optimum convenience.


Large fire viewing area, with heat radiating ceramic glass

Wood-finished handle

Heavy duty cast hinges that will never bend or break

Solid forged steel adjustable cam lock ensures a tight door seal over time.

Front mounted air adjustment

Air operating safety tool

High performance brick-lined firebox reflects heat

Non-obtrusive air wash curtain keeps glass clean

Welded ash lip will never bend or break

Rear heat deflector allowing for closer clearances

Mobile home and alcove approved


Cast iron door with heat radiating ceramic glass in black or nickel accent

Pedestal base

Bottom heat shield with cast iron legs in black or brushed nickel

Ash drawer with cover

2 speed blower

Convector airmate

Outside air kit

Mobile home kit (Canada only)


* Length of burn time and BTU range depend on type of wood, moisture content, climate conditions and installation. Refer to page 15 for BTU calculation method.

** Varies depending on home floor plan, house layout, heat loss of the house and quality/moisture content of wood.

Regency Classic F2450


 Regency Wood Stoves are EPA 2020 Certified so you burn less wood, produce fewer emissions, and get longer burns while keeping your home warm all year long.

Regency Classic F2450

Highly Efficient

Using more of the wood’s available energy means less loading, less chopping, less effort, and most importantly less money spent on wood! Save money with highly efficient Regency wood products.

Regency Classic F2450

Industry Best Warranty

Every product is backed up with our lifetime limited warranty, and our hybrid products offer a 10-year, 100% warranty on the original combustor. The most comprehensive, transparent warranty in the industry.

Regency Classic F2450

Quality Durable Products

Regency wood products are manufactured right here in North America using high-quality thick gauge steel. All Regency products are designed from the ground up to be durable and to last generations.

Regency Classic F2450

Eco Boost

Triple stage burn technology delivers a system of high efficiency, clean combustion & maximum heat control, all with less wood, less loading & less effort

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