Did you know Chimney Savers services all of New England for chimney restoration projects?

This particular restoration project was in Amherst, New Hampshire, located just outside of Manchester. The circa 1747 home boasted 6 fireplaces, a Dutch (bake) oven, and an oil furnace, all venting into one main center chimney—not uncommon for this style of home.

Chimney Savers met with the homeowners and discussed their goals. They wanted to have use of the main fireplace, the family room fireplace, the Dutch oven, and of course the oil furnace flue, all while preserving the historic look of the original arched chimney cap. As we removed the arched cap to begin our work, we made sure to document the exact design with photographs for later reference. Our technicians then got inside the chimney to remove the Wythe walls (divider walls separating the flues). They then installed stainless steel chimney liners to each of the fireplaces, as well as the Dutch oven and the oil furnace. Finally, they set to the task of rebuilding the arched chimney crown, matching both the original brick and mortar color. The end result was a functional chimney that preserved its historic character.

For more information on historic restoration, please check out our blog post “Tips & Tricks for Historic Chimney Restoration.”


Amherst, NH


Private, Residential

We couldn’t be any happier with their work and professionalism. Looking forward to the forms being removed from the arch in a few days and then firing up this circa 1747 beauty for the first time in many years!

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