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Masonry Waterproofing: Extend the life of your chimney!

The Northeast is a harsh environment for masonry, as the constant freezing and thawing can create cracks in mortar joints and bricks/ blocks that ruin masonry structures. To avoid this damage, a waterproofing spray can be applied to the exposed masonry. This spray makes water bead and run off of the chimney instead of being absorbed into the masonry. The following are common and noticeable problems with masonry:


Severe deterioration or erosion is caused by water penetration. This is common in places where water can rest for long periods of time such as masonry walls, which have snow piled up on them. Once the masonry has been repaired and has cured water replants can be applied to stop any further damage.


The white stains seen in the picture above are called efflorescence. This is caused by water penetrating the bricks and the minerals from the bricks leaching through to the outside of the chimney.


This common masonry issue is the flaking of bricks or other masonry materials. Spalling is caused by moisture entering the masonry and is very common when chimneys or building are constructed with soft, or porous bricks. (See under common chimney problems)