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Masonry Heaters
A masonry heater resembles a large stove, but is made almost completely of masonry, most commonly soapstone. It is fired periodically — typically only a few hours per day. The heat from this short, but extremely hot, fire travels throughout channels in the heater. This heat is stored as "thermal mass" in the masonry and gradually radiates through the house. Masonry heaters are the most efficient wood burning system on the market. They are best suited for an open floor plan, and if you are planning on building an energy-efficient house, this system is worth its weight in gold. A masonry heater designed for the correct square footage house will not only substantially cut down or eliminate oil dependency, but it will also use much less wood than a wood stove would typically use to heat the same amount space.

Custom Masonry Services
Chimney Savers Offers a wide variety of Custom Masonry Services that includes, but is not limited to:
  • Stucco and Stone Facings
  • Pizza Ovens
  • Brick Arches
  • Custom Hearths
  • Masonry Heaters
If you can dream it we can build it!