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Certified Dryer Exhaust Vent Cleaning
Is it taking longer to dry your clothes than it used to? Does your laundry room have a musty or moldy smell? Do you notice more lint around the door to your dryer than you used to? If so, you probably have a clogged dryer vent. Beyond the energy savings and decreased run times that you'll get with a clean dryer vent, if you are using a gas-fired dryer, then you are also preventing one of the leading causes of carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning that we face in homes today. Dryer ducts not only vent the moisture and untrapped lint out of the house, but they also vent the combustion fumes as well. If your ducts are plugged, these toxic fumes have no where to go but into your house.

Our CSIA-certified Dryer Exhaust Technicians (CDET) have been trained to fully evaluate your dryer system for efficiency and safety. We will clean your ducts and make recommendations for improvement when we see deficiencies that could harm your safety and/or efficiency.

What does it mean to be a CSIA-certified Dryer Exhaust Technician? The CSIA Certified Dryer Exhaust Technician ® (CDET) program is a comprehensive examination that is administered and graded by the Chimney Safety Institute of America. The examination evaluates a Dryer Exhaust Technician's understanding of the basic information technicians must master to become competent dryer exhaust safety and fire prevention specialists such as:
• Applicable building codes
• NFPA 211 and NFPA 54 standards
• All facets of inspecting and cleaning residential and commercial dryer exhaust systems.

- Learn more by visiting CSIA's CDET page