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"Cast-in-Place" Chimney Linings
Cast-in-Place is the only lining system tested and approved for safety after multiple chimney fires!

Chimney Savers is one of the few companies that gives you the option of a “poured-in-place”, AKA, “cast-in-place” chimney lining system. Cast-in-place liners are installed by pumping a concrete-like material around a former, which is inserted down the full length of the chimney. After the lining sets, the former is removed, giving you a smooth, seamless, and extremely well insulated chimney liner.

A Cast in place chimney liner is perfect for installing a chimney liner in a deteriorated chimney that needs structural support. Cast in place chimney liners provide an extremely insulated flue keeping flue gasses high and thus reducing creosote buildup. Cast in place chimney liners are rated to withstand a higher temperature than tile liners as well as stainless steel chimney liners.


CONS: This type of liner is by far the most challenging and most costly per ft than any other chimney liner. If it does ever need to be removed it can be extremely labor intensive.

BY THE BOOK: According to the national fire protection Agency a chimney built with a “cast in place” chimney liner can have 0’’ from the bricks to any combustible materials if the poured liner is at least 1’’ thick.

Benefits of a “cast-in-place” lining system

• Zero clearance to combustibles (i.e. wood, sheetrock, insulation.)
• Can withstand chimney fires up to 2100 degrees!
• Is an extremely well-insulated lining system that reduces condensation and creosote buildup in flues.
• Will not deteriorate due to acid corrosion from gas and oil fired appliances.
• Can be used in chimneys that have multiple offsets
• Significantly improves the structural integrity of the chimney by sealing gaps in mortar joints or cracks in brickwork and by sealing any loose bricks.
• Provides a smooth connection to fireplace smoke chambers.
• One solid chimney liner... no gaps or connections.