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The team at Chimney Savers is comprised of experienced chimney technicians and masonry artisans. For over 26 years, Chimney Savers has been building, sweeping, inspecting, and repairing chimneys and other brick and stone structures throughout Vermont and New Hampshire. Our rates are reasonable and our services are second to none. We now have dedicated teams servicing Burlington, Vermont and Lebanon, New Hampshire!

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Why Choose Chimney Savers?

Being in the chimney business for over 26 years says a few things about our company: we do quality work, in a timely manner, at an affordable price. Our reputation speaks for itself. That's why over 80% of our business comes from referrals and repeat customers. We invite you to check out our reference letters and long list of testimonials on our References page.


Customer satisfaction is our top priority. For example, we are quick to return phone calls and emails, and we show up when we say we are going to. We are professionals and these small things mean a lot to us, and our longstanding customers.


At Chimney Savers, we have a "No Mess Guarantee." In order to do this we:

• Lay down drop cloths throughout your home
• Clean our drop cloths regularly
• Move any furniture that may be in or around any work space
• Use shop vacuums with HEPA filters to remove any dust in the air
• Clean our vacuum's filters at the end of every day
• Whenever possible we use the basement entrance
• When doing demolition, we remove any rubble so you wont even know we were there
• White carpets? No problem!

And you can be sure that at the end of each work day we will clean up and leave the job site looking neat.


We take pride in working within our customers' budgets without compromising quality. Our strong work ethic, and decades of experience, results in a thorough and efficient job, which enables us to offer competitive prices for our quality chimney services. We don't give estimates — we give proposals!! And when we quote a job, you can be sure that there are no hidden costs or surprises.

Chimney Savers services locations throughout Vermont and New Hampshire. Click on a county name below to view the towns that we service in that county.


Franklin County

Bakersfield, Berkshire, East Berkshire, Enosburg Falls, Fairfax, Fairfield, Fletcher, Franklin, Georgia, Highgate, Highgate Springs, Montgomery, Richford, Sheldon, St. Albans Bay, St. Albans City, and Swanton

(Also: Beattys Four Corners, Beaulieus Corner, Binghamville, Bordoville, Browns Corners, Camp Grounds, Camp Maquam, East Berkshire, East Enosburg, East Fairfield, East Fletcher, East Franklin, East Georgia, East Highgate, East Richford, East Sheldon, Enosburg Center, Fairfax Falls, Fonda, Georgia Center, Georgia Plains, Gilberts Tannery, Greens Corners, Hectorville, Highgate Center, Highgate Falls, Highgate Springs, Hill Farm Estates, Hubbard Corner, Huntsville, Maquam, Melville Landing, Montgomery, Morses Line, North Enosburg, North Fairfax, North Sheldon, Oakland, Saint Albans Bay, Saint Rocks, Samsonville, Sanderson Corner, Shawville, Sheldon, Sheldon Junction, Sheldon Springs, Skeels Corner, South Franklin, South Franklin, South Richford, Swanton Junction, West Berkshire, West Enosburg, West Fletcher, West Georgia, West Hill, West Swanton)

Chittenden County

Bolton, Buels Gore, Burlington, Charlotte, Colchester, Essex, Essex Junction, Hinesburg, Huntington, Jericho, Milton, Richmond, Shelburne, South Burlington, St. George, Underhill, Westford, Williston and Winooski

(Also: Bowman Corners, Brookside, Butlers Corners, Cedar Beach, Checkerberry Village, Chimney Corner, Cloverdale, Cozy Corner, East Charlotte, Essex Center, Fays Corner, Hanksville, Huntington Center, Jericho Center, Jonesville, Kirby Corner, Malletts Bay, Mechanicsville, Miltonboro, Nashville, North Underhill, North Williston, Nourses Corner, Oakledge Park, Pages Corner, Prindle Corners, Queen City Park, Redstone Park, Rhode Island Corner, Riverside, Shelburne Falls, Shipman Hill, South Hinesburg, Starr Farm Beach, Stevensville, Tafts Corner, Thayer Beach, Twin Orchards, Underhill Center, Walnut Ledge, West Bolton, West Milton, West View)

Washington County

Barre, Berlin, Cabot, Calais, Duxbury, East Barre, East Montpelier, Fayston, Graniteville, Marshfield, Middlesex, Montpelier, Moretown, Northfield, Plainfield, Roxbury, South Barre, Waitsfield, Warren, Waterbury, Websterville, Woodbury, Worcester

(Also: Alpine Village, Berlin Corners, Colbyville, Dowsville, East Cabot, East Calais, East Montpelier Center, East Roxbury, East Warren, Edgewater, Irasville, Kents Corners, Lanesboro, Lower Cabot, Lower Websterville, Maple Corner, Middlesex, Mill Village, Montpelier Junction, Moretown, North Calais, North Duxbury, North Fayston, North Montpelier, North Moretown, Northfield Center, Northfield Falls, Perkinsville, Putnamville, Shady Rill, South Cabot, South Duxbury, South Northfield, South Woodbury, Sugarbush Village, Upper Graniteville, Waitsfield Common, Waterbury Center, West Berlin, Wildersburg Common, Woodbury, Wrightsville)

Orange County

Bradford, Braintree, Brookfield, Chelsea, Corinth, Fairlee, Newbury, Orange, Randolph, Strafford, Thetford, Topsham, Tunbridge, Vershire, Washington, Wells River, West Fairlee, Williamstown

(Also: Beanville, Boltonville, Bradford Center, Braintree Hill, Brimstone Corner, Brookfield Center, Campbell Corner, Cookville, Copper Flat, Corinth Corners, Dowdey Corner, East Braintree, East Brookfield, East Corinth, East Orange, East Randolph, East Thetford, East Topsham, Ely, Foxville, Goshen, Jackson Corner, Kennedy Corners, Mill Village, Newbury Center, North Randolph, North Thetford, North Tunbridge, Old City, Peach Four Corners, Peth, Post Mills, Randolph Center, Rices Mills, South Corinth, South Newbury, South Randolph, South Strafford, South Tunbridge, South Vershire, South Washington, Thetford Center, Thetford Hill, Topsham Four Corners, Union Village, Vershire Center, Vershire Heights, Waits River, Washington Heights, West Braintree, West Brookfield, West Corinth, West Fairlee, West Fairlee Center, West Newbury, West Topsham)

Windsor County

Andover, Baltimore, Barnard, Bethel, Bridgewater, Cavendish, Chester, Hartford, Hartland, Ludlow, Norwich, Plymouth, Pomfret, Reading, Rochester, Royalton, Sharon, Springfield, Stockbridge, Weathersfield, West Windsor, Weston, Windsor, White River Junction, Woodstock

(Also: Amsden, Ascutney, Bailey Mills, Baileys Mills, Bragg, Bridgewater Center, Bridgewater Corners, Brownsville, Camp Brook, Cavendish Center, Centertown, Centerville, Chateauguay, Deweys Mills, Dothan, Downers, East Barnard, East Bethel, Emerson, Felchville, Fieldsville, Gassetts, Gaysville, Goodrich Four Corners, Goulds Mill, Grahamsville, Greenbush, Hammondsville, Hardscrabble Corner, Hartford, Hartland Four Corners, Hewitts Corners, Jenneville, Jericho, Jerusalem, Kendricks Corner, Lewiston, Lilliesville, Lympus, Middletown, Millbrook, Morgan Corners, Nelsons Corner, New Boston, North Chester, North Hartland, North Pomfret, North Royalton, North Springfield, Notown, Olcot Falls MH Park, Perkinsville, Plymouth, Plymouth Union, Pompanoosuc, Proctorsville, Prosper, Quechee, Reedville, Riverside, Robinson, Russtown, Sheddsville, Simonsville, Smithville, South Pomfret, South Reading, South Royalton, South Woodstock, Spoonerville, Stockbridge, Taftsville, Talcville, The Island, Tyson, Weathersfield Bow, West Bethel, West Bridgewater, West Hartford, West Norwich, West Springfield, West Woodstock, Whitesville, Wilder)

Rutland County

Benson, Brandon, Castleton, Clarendon, Danby, Fair Haven, Killington, Pittsford, Poultney, Rutland, Wallingford, Wells, West Rutland

(Also: Alfrecha, Avalon Beach, Bassett Development, Belmont, Benson Landing, Billings Mobile Manor, Blissville, Blue Ridge Acres, Bomoseen, Bowlsville, Brewers Corner, Brookside Trailer Park, Brookwood Estates, Burnham Hollow, Butternut, Castleton Corners, Center Rutland, Chasanna Acres, Chippenhook, Chittenden, Clarendon Springs, Cold River, Cold Spring, Colonial Estates, Countryside Estates, Crystal Beach, Cuttingsville, Danby Four Corners, Durgy Hill Heights, East Clarendon, East Hubbardton, East Pittsford, East Poultney, East Wallingford, East Wells, Eastridge Acres, Florence, Forest Dale, Gorhamtown, Grandview Acres, Grangerville, Green Acres, Healdville, Heritage Hill Development, Hortonia, Hortonville, Hubbardton, Hyde Manor, Hydeville, Ira, Killington Heights, Killington Village, Marolin Acres, Mendon, Michigan, Middletown Springs, Mount Holly, Mount Holly Heights, Mount Pleasant, Mount Tabor, Mountain View Estates, Neshobe Beach, North Chittenden, North Clarendon, North Pawlet, North Sherburne, North Shrewsbury, Pawlet, Pierces Corner, Pinecrest Acres, Pinnacle Ridge, Pittsfield, Point of Pines, Proctor, ,Prospect Hill, Ransomvale, Russellville, Scottsville, Sherburne Center, Shrewsbury, South End, South Poultney, South Sherburne, South Wallingford, Stacy Crossroads, Sudbury, Sugar Hollow, Sugarwood Hill, Tarbellville, Telemark Village, The Woods, Timber Hill Estates, Tinmouth, Tupper, West Castleton, West Haven, West Pawlet, West Tinmouth)


Sullivan County

Plainfield, Cornish, Grantham, Springfield, Sunapee, Croyden, Newport, Unity, Charlestown, Claremont

Grafton County

Lebanon, Enfield, Hanover, Lyme, Orford, Canaan, Grafton, Piermont, Haverhill